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Dedicated to Quality, Dependability, and Outstanding Service for More Than 15 Years in Pietermaritzburg.

Dedicated to Quality, Dependability, and Outstanding Service for More Than 15 Years in Pietermaritzburg.


Trustworthy Building Contractors in Pietermaritzburg

Welcome to Allied Construction – we are one of the leading building contractors Pietermaritzburg has to offer! With experience, professionalism, and attentionn to detail, our clients have come to associate our work with excellence. We provide a range of services to promote the care and maintenance of the home and can assist with residential renovation or construction projects of any scale. Our reliable team is the perfect partner for minor or major construction needs.
  • Building
  • Alterations
  • Building additions
  • Home renovations
  • Building maintenance
  • Roof repairs
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Painting
  • Ceiling Installation & Repairs

What We Do

Building Renovations and Alterations

Allied Constructionn provides dependable building services in Pietermaritzburg and the surrounding areas. We guarantee a hassle-free process for your construction or renovation needs. Our services cater to various residential projects, including bathroom renovations, kitchen makeovers, and outdoor entertainment area upgrades. Our committed and skilled team focuses on completing projects promptly, staying within budget, and meeting your exact requirements.

Bricklaying Pietermaritzburg

Bricklaying is an essential part of any construction project. For over thirty years, we’ve been mastering the craft of bricklaying in Pietermaritzburg, aiming to provide high quality services that every customer deserves. Our team of skilled bricklayers is ready to tackle both residential and commercial projects, offering competitive prices, exceptional professionalism, and outstanding work quality. To get started with us, simply share the details of your project. We’ll take care of everything, from sourcing the materials to cleaning up the site after the bricklaying work is completed. When you reach out to us for any service, we quickly act to ensure all your needs are met to your satisfaction.

  • Internal and External Walls
  • Foundation and Groundworks
  • Brick Garages and Storage

Our team is ready to handle all your bricklaying needs, from building simple walls to constructing entire houses. We strive to create brickwork that not only looks great but is also built to last. We believe in combining beauty with durability, using only the best materials and practices for your brick walls.

Contact us to discover the quality our reputable building company can bring to your project. In Pietermaritzburg, we offer a perfect mix of skilled bricklayers, experienced management teams, and a welcoming customer service desk, ensuring your bricklaying project is efficiently managed without demanding too much of your time or energy. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our professionals for advice or to engage the most skilled bricklayers in Pietermaritzburg.

Ceiling Installation and Repair

We provide high-quality installation services to general contractors, homeowners, and builders in Pietermaritzburg. Our focus is on drywall/partitioning and ceiling projects, aimed at making any area look new, stylish, and tidy. We are committed to delivering great results and satisfying our customers by ensuring our work is of the highest standard.

Plastered Ceiling Services

We bring a fresh trend to ceiling design by creating unique shapes, curves, and depths. Our expert plastered ceiling techniques conceal wires, pipes, ducts, and lighting, resulting in a sleek and refined ceiling appearance.

PVC Ceiling Services

Choose our PVC ceiling panels for a contemporary and cost-effective ceiling solution in Pietermaritzburg. These lightweight, waterproof panels are easy to maintain. Get in touch for a fast and reliable PVC ceiling installation.

Drywall and Plastering Pietermaritzburg

Our team of professional plasterers is here to offer excellent workmanship. We aim to satisfy our clients by delivering our services promptly and at a fair price. Our expertise spans a variety of tasks, from dry wall plastering to projects on skimmed walls or ceilings, making us the ideal choice for both minor and major projects. We cater to both commercial and residential needs, providing the most suitable solutions for you.

Plasterers in Pietermaritzburg

A good plastering job not only insulates your walls but also adds versatility. Choosing the right color and style can enhance your home’s appearance, making your property, whether commercial or residential, look significantly better. With our blend of unique styling techniques and decades of experience, our expert plasterers in Pietermaritzburg are equipped to improve your building’s versatility and aesthetics quickly.

Our dry wall installation specialists in Pietermaritzburg possess all the necessary skills, making us a leading company in the field. We recognize your urgent needs and meet them with professionalism and high-quality service. Committed to providing top-quality plastering services, we will send a team to evaluate your project and offer a detailed quote once we get the go-ahead. Our quick response to your inquiries ensures you have a dependable, trustworthy, and cost-effective building and construction partner you can rely on.

Our Work

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Allied Construction

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Allied Construction offers a range of services, including building, alterations, home renovations, building maintenance, bathroom revamps, granny flat conversions, patio enclosures, waterproofing, gutters, roof repairs, plumbing, electrical work, bricklaying, painting, and ceiling and decorative work

Allied Construction has been dedicated to quality, dependability, and outstanding service for more than 15 years in Pietermaritzburg

When choosing a building contractor in Pietermaritzburg, consider the following:

  • Check their experience and expertise.
  • Verify their credentials, licenses, and insurance.
  • Review their past work and client testimonials.
  • Ensure clear communication and a detailed contract

Before hiring a building contractor in Pietermaritzburg, consider the following:

  • The contractor’s reputation and track record.
  • The scope of your project and your budget.
  • The timeline for the project and the contractor’s availability.
  • The need for any specific permits or approvals
  • When signing a contract with a building contractor in Pietermaritzburg, consider the following:
    • The specific details of the work to be done and materials to be used.
    • The final cost and payment schedule.
    • Procedures for handling any changes or unexpected issues during the project.
    • The process for resolving any disputes or issues that may arise